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Wastewater treatment

There is an official president’s retreat situated in Dehradun. Rasthtrapatiashianaannexe is situated at the back of the president's house, the building houses 12rooms meant to cater to RashtrapatiBhawan's staff, guest and body guards and their family when they are visiting Uttrakhand. The building and the associated sanitation system is innovation and designed by AIT, Thailand and...

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Prashak defies conventional wisdom of a construction industry.The distinguishing feature of Prashak is that its an Innovative,Integrated Technology Solution Provider and not mere creators of buildings/structures.Prashak is a unique organization based on the strong foundation of research and development of cutting edge technologies more particularly the novel Habitech...

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One of the core activities under the SMARTGRAM® initiative was to enable the local villagers especially the economically weaker sections and low income group communities to empower themselves in accomplishing their aspiration of building a dwelling on their own which is comparable to the best in class modern structure and yet sustainable and affordable

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Ashiana Annexe

These dwelling units have been constructed using the Habitech-NivaraTantra - Onsite Sanitation Integrated Community Housing Technology Innovations developed at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The Technology innovations comprise unique blocks known as "compacted intermeshing" blocks which are made from local soil.

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Water ATM

Preliminary research on the quality of water in the 100 villages taken into the ambit of SMARTGRAM initiative show cased that ground water is predominantly the source of drinking water and in most villages the water had high to significantly high TDS. It also observed that the villagers mostly drank water without appropriate treatment which becomes a potential cause of health.

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