Habitech Nivara Tantra
Novel Ecological Structures
Habitech - Nivara Tantra redefines edifice and housing structure scenario - a unique confluence of technology and material from "Mother Nature" leading to novel, ecological and affordable construction / dwelling structures for all.

Green and Sustainable
  • Onsite process for manufature of novel intermeshing blocks and other building components.
  • Novel Intermeshing Blocks:
    • Uses local soil / ash as major ingredient
    • Do not require heat energy and fuel combustion for manufature
    • Are designed to result in substantial reduction / elimination of wastage
    • Substantially lower carbon footprint due to lower transportation requirement
    • Passive Architecture
Disaster Resilient
  • Is Earthquake safe due to use of horizontal and vertical reinforcement in required areas
  • Minimum damage in case of flooding
  • High resistance to wind, hurricanes
  • Resistant to fire
Long Term Durability
  • Weather resistant/Suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Water resistant
  • High compressive strength
  • No maintenance
  • Cement base, long service life
Cost Effective
  • Substantial reduction in transportation cost due to on-site manufacture of building blocks and other components using locally available soil / ash
  • Predominant use of unskilled local labour
  • Lower labour requirement in comparison to Conventional methods
  • Lesser use of cement and sand in comparison to conventional methods
  • Intermeshing blocks look aesthetically elegant on their own obviating need of plastering
  • Highly uniform surface of blocks substantially reduces thickness of plastering, if required
  • No wastage arising out of cutting / chipping of blocks as done in conventional bricks
  • Load bearing walls eliminate the need of beams and columns
Simple Technique
  • Substantially faster and quicker construction
  • Uses cutting edge yet simple to use manual / hydraulic press equipment for making the intermeshing blocks
  • Modular construction / building components enables effortless handling and construction
  • Design of intermeshing blocks enables:
    • Unskilled worker to construct with ease
    • Self alignment due to inherent intermeshing characteristics
    • Effective use and incorporation of reinforcement components
  • Adaptable and Scalable technique, just appropriate for local conditions and available skills
Using Local Resources
  • Effective use of locally available soil / ash
  • Construction can be accomplished using local semi-skilled and/or unskilled labour
  • Generates employment for local labour and enables people to earn while building their own homes