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Automated Safe Drinking Water Vending System

Preliminary survey and research on the quality of water in the 100 villages taken into the ambit of SMARTGRAM initiative showcased that ground water is predominantly the source of drinking water and in most villages the water had high to significantly high TDS. It was also observed that the villagers mostly drank the water without appropriate treatment which becomes a potential cause of health and well being hazard.

Prashak Techno Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, evolved a novel inclusive model of sustainable safe community drinking water system which looked into the issues of availability of safe, purified water on a 24X7 basis at a very affordable price which was decided by Gram Panchayat to ensure that the revenue generated provides capability for the proper upkeep and maintenance of the said system. Prashak tabled its proposal for design, installation and commissioning of the first such novel system called the "SMARTGRAM Automated Safe Drinking Water Vending System - SASDWVS". The SASDWVS had a Automated purification process coupled with a Remote Monitoring system. A built in unique water ATM for dispensation of stored purified water using a SMART card loaded with money enables the villagers to dispense drinking water to their desired requirement any time on a 24X7 basis. This was made possible by de-linking the treated drinking water dispensation using an ATM kind of system running on UPS battery source. The Remote monitoring system enabled significantly enhanced operational efficiency of the treatment Plant and reduced operational/service costs.

The model also enables part time employment of a local person who is trained to run the system as well as load money into the cards of the villagers with checks and balances enabled through the unique App provided on the mobiles of selected Panchayat members. The revenue generated enables the village Panchayat to pay for all expenses including the annual maintenance costs.

The first SASDWVS was designed and successfully installed and commissioned at the Rojka Meo village where a very high TDS of ground water was observed.

Based on the significant value proposition a proposal was submitted to the TATA Trusts which agreed to support the installation and commissioning of SASDWVS systems in 12 more villages under the SMARTGRAM initiative as a stage 2 proliferation of safe drinking water availability for the villagers. The 1st phase of installation and commissioning of the SASDWVS in 5 villages is under progress and will get accomplished by Mid March 2018. This will be followed by phase 2 with SASDWVS in 4 villages and lastly in 3 villages in phase 3.

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