Quality System Services

Quality is not an afterthought but an intrinsic aspect of Prashak's technology solutions. The quality system at Prashak is not only in the form of specifications, standards and operating procedures to ensure continuous improvement and eventual elimination of process and product non-conformances cum elimination of waste as well as complying to the national and internationals standards but is more proactively embedded as simplified online testing methods and protocols in product manufacture, process of construction, project management and delivery. While Product and Process standardization have been the core for simplifying the technology adoption and execution the infusion of online simple testing methods are the key to establishing a holistic Quality System which produces highly efficient and consistent outcomes and in turn enables sustainability and transparency.

The compacted intermeshing blocks which are the defining element of constructed structures in Prashak's technology solutions, are tested on site for not only ensuring desired functionality but also ensuring quality consistency, using specially developed equipment which are simple to operate.