Sanitation integrated Housing Solutions

Innovation Pathway

Intellectual property enabled Innovations. The core of this solution is passionate yet practical and pragmatic innovations.

Considerable time was invested in finalizing the Solution model by embracing:

  • Profound socially responsible innovations protected with strong IP.
  • First-of-its-kind, Near Nature technology with very strong scientific backing.
  • Capability of adaptation to the local requirement, socialization in the local context and speedy actualization to meet targets.
  • perfect balance of technology, nature and human element with lasting & durable outcomes – "Soil to House"
  • Reversing the Paradigm
  • Defy Conventional Wisdom
  • Effectively Acquire, creatively Adapt and speedily Actualize innovations in the project

The novel housing & sanitation solution through its innovative construction method enables participation of ordinary persons, including WOMEN who are unskilled and with no prior experience in construction sector. There is also an Empowerment and Dignity through contribution / participation in creating own houses. Participation in construction activity instils values, community spirit, self confidence and unity – Owner is constructing his/her own house.

This technology enriches the Social Capital and improve standard of living. Buildings have long term durability with minimal maintenance costs.

  • Socially and Environmentally responsible innovations
  • Seamless integration of Diverse Innovative Technologies
  • Intellectual Property (IP) integration from inception
  • A Confluence of Innovative Building & Sanitation Solution
  • Accessible, Affordable, Adaptable to local needs
  • Modular, Scalable and Viable project
Nature and Need
  • The main requirement for this solution is Remote Location and Challenging Terrain
  • Configurations of dwelling units
  • Varying localized rainfall
  • Aspirations of people / end user involved as its their saving amount that will be utilized
  • Societal cause and purpose of the project
  • Aspirational value satisfaction……need of offering a Unique Value to Society
  • Changing requirement of the site….accessibility aspects
  • Affordability yet value offering
  • Need of localization and opportunity creation for locals
  • Speedy delivery of the dwelling units to end user
  • End user Centric approach to accomplish Feasible, Scalable, Adaptable, Affordable & Sustainable Housing
  • Empower people and Community
  • Enable successful intersection of innovation, social and environmental and financial attributes
  • Through a perfect balance of technology, nature and human element to Make each project a National Pride