Sanitation Technologies
Habitech-NivaraTantra NATS on-site Sanitation technology Solution. Novel Integrated Toilet and Effluent Treatment System

NATS (Naturally Acceptable and Technically Sustainable) team under the Environmental Engineering and Management department of Asian Institute of Technology along with other inventors have invented novel, sustainable and cost effective technology solutions comprising Integrated Toilet and Effluent Treatment Systems resulting in creation and implementation of a environmentally friendly yet effective, community based sustainable sanitation model.


It is an established fact that inadequate sanitation has significant adverse effects on the health and well-being of the society in most of the developing countries. There is therefore a need to come up with innovative solutions in sanitation to enable accomplish dignity, empowerment and health of the community at large.

Notably, the sanitation problems have different social, technological and behavioral dimensions that need an integrated end-to-end solution from a robust and sustainable yet viable technology to finance and implement which is appropriate, adaptable to local needs and available at a socially viable pricing.

Integration of Toilets & Effluent Treatment

In view of the demographics and geographical expanse of developing Nations, it is meaningful to provide on-site sanitation system that could be socialized and localized using available skill and local material at the very place of usage.

The Habitech-NivaraTantra-NATS integrated sanitation solution provides a Novel toilet superstructure, an innovative septic system, a uniquely constructed wetland for effluent treatment and a viable financial inclusion model based on community participation and empowerment.

Septic System

An effective sanitation system is the core of a healthy community. Deployment and use of good sanitation solution by a Community plays an important role in enabling the Health and well being of its residents.

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Wetland System

Discharging untreated faecal sludge (FS), the material accumulating in onsite sanitation systems, into watercourses or land may cause environmental degradation and serious public health risks

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