Water System Services

The success of a project depends on the meticulous plan formulated for design and management of Water supply, Drainage system and Storm water with plumbing system design being an integral part. The Water system services provided encompasses:

  • Design of Water Supply, Drainage & Storm water systems
  • Water supply comprising from source of water till supply to end user dwelling i.e. to Toilet & Kitchen. It includes key features like location based designs, water storage tanks, water treatment facility, Pumping stations and supply lines till dwellings.
  • Water distribution system within dwelling unit from supply water to consuming points.
  • Drainage and Drainage conveyance systems design for handling drainage generated from every unit
  • Drainage system design including inspection chambers & piping system for handling Black & Grey water conveyance till the onsite Sanitation management system
  • Storm water drain system design for rain water collection from dwelling roof tops and area storm water drain system with piping / channel network
  • Design of water bodies (storm water collection ponds) and connecting storm water to bore well recharge points