Housing Technologies
Building Cleaner, Greener, Energy efficient, Sustainable and Affordable Housing Structures and Communities
Key Issues &
  • Growing population & rising material cost make it more challenging to build affordable homes which are safe, respectable and habitable dwellings particularly for citizens from the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) / Low Income Group (LIG)
  • Existing housing particularly for LIG government employees are in highly dilapidated condition
  • Communities displaced from New development areas (Power plants, Smart Cities) rehabilitate with very poor living conditions
  • Lack of a sustainable & scientific sanitation system, particularly in rural areas, pose serious potential threat to the health & well being of communities with high susceptibility to diseases
  • Use and deploy a novel technology that can provide affordable, sustainable, disaster resilient and cost effective housing to EWS / LIG communities
  • Use and deploy eco-friendly building materials, technologies that not only sustain life but also conserve our environment without polluting it
  • Use and deploy a novel, on-site sanitation management system which is completely natural, efficient, robust and effective
Building Technology

The Technology has been researched and developed at the reputed Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand - an international institute of higher learning and is deployed and implemented by PRASHAK. CEO of PRASHAK is a co-inventor. PRASHAK is also involved in continual development as well as management of the entire Intellectual property portfolio of developed technologies.

The invention comprises compacted intermeshing blocks made from local soil / ash judiciously mixed with stabilizers and additives. The production of compacted intermeshing blocks is an entirely green process and unlike the conventional brick making process, it does not require kilns / furnace to fire the blocks. These blocks are uniquely configured with intermittent horizontal and vertical enforcement to enable appropriate structural strength obviating use of beams, columns and concrete lintels. This innovative technology solution enables creation of state of the art, disaster resilient and green building structures of ground plus two levels.

Local soil (mixable / replaceable with fly ash) is used for onsite manufacture of the blocks with onsite quality checks. Cement and other additives are used minimally based on the soil / fly ash nature and content

The blocks can be tailored for required and/or applicable end use. The production processes are fully adaptable for skilling of local people unskilled in the art of making construction structures. It also results in substantially lower embodied energy obviating need of kilns for heating, reducing use of mortar, enabling use of locally available material to build a robust, safe, environmentally friendly as well as resilient and cost effective construction structure.

These clean, green, environmental friendly, disaster resilient, sustainable structures can be custom­ized as per the end use requirement.

The simple and intuitive construction technique enables use of local manpower (including women)having no prior experience in the construction sector

The above features makes the technology cater to the unmet need of the market – an onsite, sustainable, environmental friendly, cost-effective, disaster resilient, green solution for construction structures including housing, empowering masses to build their own house in a very simplistic and most cost affordable way (enables an overall 20-35% cost advantage over conventional system).

Habitech-NivaraTantra Sanitation solution integrates an innovative and comprehensive on-site sanitation solution to treat wastewater from the toilets using an integrated system comprising novel Anaerobic Inclined Baffle Reactors and Constructed Wetlands. The technology enables mitigation of disease risk and ensures Health and well being of residents.

"Habitech-NivaraTantra" - the integrated Innovative Building Technology so­lution that blends nature with architectural and structural science, resulting in creation of simple yet novel structures which embodies multiple value outcomes including breaking the shackles of dependency on construction skills and financial ability as well as empowering lay people to bring to reality, the creation of respectful, robust, habitable social housing community.

Habitech-NivaraTantra - the integrated Innovative Building & Sanitation Technology solution results in accomplishment of multiple value outcomes including breaking the shackles of dependency on construction skills and financial ability and empowering lay people to bring to reality, the creation of respectful, robust and habitable social housing community.

  • The Habitech – NivaraTantra technology has Intellectual property rights vide IP filings owned by AIT. Prashak Director & CEO – Dr Praful Naik is one of the co-inventors. Prashak is also responsible for managing and maintaining the Intellectual property related to Housing & Sanitation technology solutions .
  • Prashak has MOU with Asian Institute of Technology for usage rights and deployment of the Habitech – NivaraTantra Building & Sanitation Technologies.
  • Prashak is in-principle agreeable to enter into Agreement with Government Enterprises for enabling them execute and deploy the Technology solution for a range of diverse projects.