Septic System
Habitech-NivaraTantra NATS on-site Sanitation technology Solution. Novel Integrated Toilet and Effluent Treatment System

An effective sanitation system is the core of a healthy community. Deployment and use of good sanitation solution by a Community plays an important role in enabling the Health and well being of its residents.

Habitech-NivaraTantra synergistically integrates an innovative on-site sanitation solution. This on-site solution includes an anaerobic septic system provided with multiple chambers configured in series. The system is manufacture on site using compacted intermeshing blocks made from the local soil and with local available manpower.

Each of the chamber in the System is provided with a partial partition to enable flow of effluent beneath it. The bacteria within the system tend to move in vertical direction with gas production but due to the partitions and chamber configuration the horizontal movement of the bacteria is relatively slow. This novel configuration enables effluent to come in contact with a large active biological mass as it passes through the septic system resulting in substantial reduction of solid content from effluent. This unique configuration also obviates the need of any mechanical mixing or moving parts.

The novel and innovative effluent distribution system and septic system proportions, results in substantially lower hydraulic retention time, stability to hydraulic or organic shock loads and enables retention of biomass without the use of fixed media or additional solid-settling chamber.

This novel and innovative multi chamber anaerobic septic system is robust, green, modular, scalable, cost effective and most appropriate for incorporation in the social housing.

Closed Loop
Sanitation Management

The entire "Sanitation Value Chain" of the faecal sludge management is addressed by applying "Naturally Acceptable and Technically Sustainable" (NATS) solutions developed by Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

The integrated approach to provide sustainable and scalable technological solution includes innovative toilet design, septic tank construction, collection of faecal sludge, treating it naturally using constructed wetland and reusing the solid and liquid fraction as fertilizer and water source for agricultural use.